The Australian National Retailers Association has made a submission to the Productivity Commission to open whenever they like apart from Anzac Day, Xmas Day & Good Friday. There are a few other items requested such as a retail advisory panel to the government and a Retail Minister. The flexible retail opening hours is to counteract the increase in online shopping. I think that last years request for a tax on online purchases would have been a better action as I'm sure that the main attraction of shopping online are the cheaper prices available. In my opinion opening around the clock just gives the shopper extra time opportunities to make that necessary purchase. Meandering around a shopping centre at 2am and making unnecessary purchases I just don't see. If I haven't bought that Mother's Day present and its the 11pm the night before then I need a kick in the pants not longer shopping hours. Although the seventy hour week is now commonplace we need to allocate necessary personal time and learn to time manage.